The Spectrum of Malnutrition

The Spectrum of Malnutrition

Written by: Leanne Bishop, Health Fitness Professional

Nutrients are the body’s protector. The more nutrients, the more energy provided to the body. But what happens to the body when it does not receive the proper and adequate amount of calories and nutrients?

This is when the condition, malnutrition, comes into play. Malnutrition results from an unbalanced diet, whether it spurs from not enough calories and nutrients or too many calories with no nutritional value. According to World Health Organization, around 1.9 billion adults worldwide are overweight, while 462 million adults are underweight. Both malnutrition pathways can lead to detrimental signs and symptoms including: weight loss or obesity, muscle weakness, increased risk of fractures, fatigue, low mood, and immune dysfunction. With the multitude of problems that could arise, malnutrition needs to be addressed quickly and comprehensively before your nutritional status pays the price.

This month, our content writers are directing their attention to the two sides of malnutrition, overnutrition and undernutrition. Awareness is key in preventing malnutrition. This starts with increasing your knowledge about the condition, understanding the signs and symptoms, and learning ways on how to prevent it. Your body needs the right instructions more than ever, so be an advocate for your optimal nutrition care!

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