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The Future of Workplace Fitness: 2024 Trends Shaping the Landscape

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As we stride into the future, the landscape of workplace fitness is evolving rapidly to meet the diverse needs of modern employees. With the rise of hybrid and remote work, coupled with an increasing focus on holistic well-being, companies are embracing innovative approaches to promote health and fitness among their workforce. A recent survey conducted…

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Aligning Workplace Fitness for Mental Resilience

How to Optimize Onsite and Virtual Fitness Services with the U.S. Surgeon General’s Framework for Mental Health In an era where the fabric of our daily lives is intricately woven with work commitments, the need for a holistic approach to mental health in the workplace has never been more pressing. The U.S. Surgeon General’s Framework…

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Conquer Gymtimidation with Corporate Fitness Works

The fitness journey is an empowering and transformative one, but for many it can begin with a daunting obstacle: gym intimidation, or as some call it, “gymtimidation.” This feeling of unease and self-consciousness can deter individuals from pursuing their health and wellness goals. Some employees may hesitate to take advantage of a fitness facility due…

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Hydration and Energy

Written by: Jordan DeVault, Health Fitness Specialist Did you know water contributes to about 50-60% of your bodyweight? Its importance serves many essential functions that keep us going everyday. Determining an adequate amount of daily water intake can be tricky because of certain factors that influence it. You can lose fluids from exercising, hot environments,…

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