Our Immune System – Peeling Back the Layers

Written by: MacKenzie Hayman, Health Fitness Program Manager

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In the most recent years, there has been a plethora of information published surrounding our immune system.  These publications, in late, have surrounded the topic of vaccines and immunization.  But these are only part of one of our three layers of immune health.  All three layers work together, throughout our lives to protect us from illness and disease.  The three main layers of immune health are innate immunity, adaptive immunity, and passive immunity.

The innate immune system is the immunity that everyone is born with. Skin is a major component of this system, with the main purpose of acting as a barrier to block germs from entering the body.  The other layer that is often not mentioned is the passive immune system.  The immunity of this system is borrowed and lasts only temporarily.  A common example of this style immune system is the transfer of antibodies from a mother passed onto a child through breastmilk.  And lastly, there is the adaptive immune system.  This is the one that develops with us throughout our lives.  This system adapts and grows as we are exposed to diseases or vaccinations.

Like with any system of production, there are ways to increase or aid in the efficiency and effectiveness of one’s immune system.  To build the antibodies and defensive components, your immune system needs an abundance of proteins and vitamins.  Other environmental factors that may affect the immune system are level of fatigue, level of stress, level of hydration, and nutritional diversity.

This month, our team is bringing you more important information on the components of your immune system and its health needs.  Be sure to also check out best practices for a healthy work environment and our other helpful resources!

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