Leading a Health Revolution – Team Profile: Dianna Imrie, Director of Team Care

Leading a Health Revolution – Team Profile: Dianna Imrie, Director of Team Care

Pictured above is Dianna organizing a wellness Wednesday healthy lunch for fellow teammates working the CFW’s corporate office.As we have surpassed a major milestone, our company’s 30th Anniversary, we wanted to celebrate the people that have led us to where we are today. By sharing their stories, their inspirations and lessons learned, we hope to enthuse others to pursue their goals and aspirations, so together we can lead a health revolution that moves the world. This month we are pleased to feature Dianna Imrie, our Director of Team Care!

The Ah-Ha Moment

At an early age, Dianna had a desire to help others, which blossomed into wanting to make a difference and enrich the lives of those in need. While pursuing her college degree, she participated in an internship at a local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters and shortly after graduating from the University of Rhode Island she became a social worker. During her 2 years in the field, Dianna realized it just wasn’t a good fit. But armed with her empathetic nature and interpersonal skills, and the ability to handle highly confidential information with the highest ethical standards, she made an almost seamless transition into Human Resources. Dianna may not have envisioned herself working in the fitness industry when she began her journey, but her desire to help others, which aligns perfectly with CFW’s culture, remains one of her biggest motivators.

We asked Dianna to share a few things about her career journey and success with Corporate Fitness Works.  This is what she had to say…

Tell us about a time in your studies or in your career that helped you prepare for the challenges you face in your role today? 

Every conversation, experience or process development that I’m involved in furthers my knowledge in Human Resources. The encounters that I have today, prepare me for the challenges I’ll face tomorrow. Also, the time and dedication I have spent earning my Human Resources Certifications continue to make me stronger in my role.

What is your #1 motivator? What are you most passionate about in the work that you do?

Working in Human Resources or Team Care as termed by CFW, does have its challenges, but it is also immensely rewarding. Supporting CFW’s greatest asset – our Team Leaders – is a wonderful feeling and I hope that my guidance and contributions make their work life better, even if only in a small way.

Describe the key steps you took in the path to your career success/career growth that made the greatest impact?

I believe perseverance is the key to success. I have overcome many obstacles in my career to become the person I am today. One of those obstacles is anxiety. I think battling and overcoming this problem has made me a better HR professional because I am extremely attuned to the struggles people around me face, and I can navigate almost any problem or situation. Having overcome my own challenges, like anxiety, and finding success in myself, has prepared me to support our Team through their challenges AND triumphs!

How does your role as Director of Team Care support Team Leader growth and our business growth?

As a Fitness Management company, Corporate Fitness Works primary business is in the service industry. Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows that the key to success is people and relationships. My role is to support our people, our Team Leaders, with a framework of provisions and guidelines that create a fair and rewarding work environment, where Team Leaders are set up to thrive.

How does your role most impact our client’s (and the members we serve) success?

Team Care works to ensure that our hiring practices, benefits, compensation, performance and recognition tools and systems are aligned so that we have the best people providing the best services to our clients and members. Team Leaders who are happy and feel valued bring their best talents to the members and clients.

Share a career highlight.

As a minority woman, I am passionate about bringing diversity and sharing my specific voice to Corporate Leadership with Corporate Fitness Works.

If you could share one “value added tip” as Director of Team Care for CFW, what would it be?

I think that a successful career is a marathon, not a sprint.  You will encounter obstacles, make mistakes, but through it all you will learn, grow and succeed. My mantra is “Never give up!”.

Please share an interesting fact about you that you would want our Team and our clients to know about you? This can be career related or personal.

I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle and trying new foods. One of my guilty pleasures is indulging in an “Elvis” peanut butter and banana sandwich. I am also a Black Belt in karate and a licensed Zumba instructor.Pictured below is Dianna teaching Zumba class and attending a Zumba instructor event. On the far right is Dianna’s furry BFF Buddy, who accompanies her to the office from time-to-time.