Home Fit Kit - Special CFW Discount!

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Take advantage of our exclusive CFW discount and get this
complete home fit kit from Throwdown for

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CFW has partnered with Throwdown to bring you this 16 piece home kit.

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Discount applies to home kit PLUS any other equipment items you purchase.

What's in the kit?

Throwdown kit box

Kit arrives in a convenient storage box and includes:

  • 2 light dumbbell sets (2lb. and 3 lb.)
  • 5 mini resistance bands
  • 1 TPU handled speed rope
  • 2 sleeved resistance tubes (levels 2 & 4)
  • 1 set of floor sliders
  • 1 Exercise mat
  • Carrying bag
Throwdown kit contents

If desired, you can build on to your home kit by adding heavier dumbbells, kettlebells and other accessories from Throwdown using our CFW15 discount for extra savings!

We believe fitness and healthy lifestyle should be attainable for everyone! CFW, together with Throwdown, extends this special discount to help you move more and thrive in your health and life!