Our Capabilities & Expertise

Since 1988, CFW is your expert partner in providing fitness solutions focused on the unique needs of working populations. We specialize in:

Onsite and Virtual Fitness Solutions - Customized to reach and engage a hybrid workforce.

Engagement Programs to Reduce Common Health Issues of Work-Life  - Sitting, poor diet, stress, and social isolation.

Integrated and Human-Focused Approach - That builds connected cultures.

Design and Equipment for Projects of All Sizes - From virtual fitness suites to expansive onsite facilities.

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Learn more about our unique approach and philosophies that demonstrate our leadership and innovation in solving for the health issues employees experience in their work-life.

The CFW Solution - We Engage People To Move More, Eat Well, Reduce Stress, & Feel Connected

CFW Overview & Introduction - Integrated Onsite, Virtual Fitness & Equipment Solutions

Sitting on a Health Crisis - How CFW Can Help

CFW Fitness Suites - A Trending Solution for Hybrid Workfoce

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We approach every partnership with a passion to engage employees in healthy behaviors and build connected cultures that help organizations thrive. While our past experience has shaped us as experts in what we do, it is our persistent quest for innovation and our focus on the working human that sets us apart in this landscape.