1,440 Minutes to Manage

Written by: Jennifer Sabol, CFW Assistant Health Fitness Program Manager Our world revolves around time. What we do in a year to a month all the way down to seconds. It can seem like we have such little time when we feel overwhelmed and stressed out. So why focus on the minutes? A minute is…

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Rest and Recovery

Written by: Samantha Granger, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager It seems like in today’s fitness world everyone is training for something. Most of the time people forget to plan for adequate rest and recovery. I know that I am at fault for this. One of my coaches once told me “There is no such thing…

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The Balancing Act

The role of social interactions on physical and mental health Written by: Ashley Deonarain, CFW Health Fitness Program Manager Life comes at you in waves. Sometimes you feel like you are on top, riding the waves with cool confidence. Other times, the waves slam into your body and it feels like you are being crushed. While…

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