Achieving the Ideal Full Body Workout

Written by: Tamika Reed Newman, CFW Health and Fitness Professional

Motivated couple giving high-five to each other while working out outdoors, standing in plank or doing push ups in park, clapping hands

When it comes to making changes to health and wellness habits, immediate and drastic changes rarely ever stick. For most people that commit to a long-term lifestyle change, progress is made with gradual changes over an extended period. Upon deciding what we want to do (re-commit to regular physical exercise), the subsequent step is to determine the how (the gym routine). Many of us get lost at this step because we don’t know where to start.

When most individuals hear exercise, they think of cardio and aerobic methods such as the treadmill or bicycle; however, a generally well-balanced workout regime consists of cardio, strengthening, balance and flexibility. This may appear intimidating to the beginner, but it does not have to be.

The main goal when it comes to training is targeting the major muscle groups: arms, legs, back, abdominals, hips, chest, and shoulders. From a beginner status up to the advanced trainer, full body workouts are a great way for anyone to target these muscle groups while building strength, endurance, and stamina.

What is a full body workout?

A total-body routine targets major muscle groups simultaneously to maximize the time in a single workout, improve overall health and condition, build muscle groups evenly, and enhance the recovery process between exercise sessions.

What are the benefits?

Anyone can do it! A full-body routine is a great method of exercise for any individual, from beginner to advanced. Majority of the movements incorporated in a total-body workout consist of basic movements: squats, lifts, pulls, lunges, planks, and rotations. Once the basic movements are mastered, the individual can build on the actions for more intensity and increased strengthening.

It’s a Time Saver! This method of exercise is ideal for the individual who is in a daily race against time.  A workout that targets various muscle groups at the same time is an ideal workout regimen for those wanting to improve their general health and well-being but have limited time.  Additionally, full-body workouts are generally performed two-three days per week to allow for sufficient recovery time between workout days.

Efficient Muscle Recovery. As mentioned, total-body workouts are recommended two to three times a week for the beginner-moderate trainee.  As a result, you have more time in between workout days to recover.  The combined movements also reduce risk of muscle imbalances, so you can return to your workout without concern of overload to any one particular muscle.

Great Calorie Burn. The compound movements of a full-body workout increase your calorie burn and metabolic burn during your exercise; ultimately, resulting in greater fat loss.

Remember a full body workout is just one part of a fitness journey and may not meet everyone’s needs and that is ok! This month our content writers are giving you all the info on how to work those muscles and fuel them as well!

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