Work Sharper by Training Smarter

May 22nd, 20178:00 amElaine Smalling

Work Sharper by Training Smarter
By Leanne Bishop, Health Fitness Specialist

Have you finally convinced yourself that it’s time to start a jogging routine? Instead of trying to jump right into a jog and risk injury along with a quick departure, train smarter by utilizing the run/walk method. A run/walk method increases your fitness level faster by helping prolong your workout with active recover (walking) throughout.

Additional benefits of engaging in a run/walk program include:

  • Increasing recovery in the muscles and cardiovascular system
  • Burning more calories prompting weight loss
  • Reducing the risk of injury or relapse of an injury

How should one get started on this new path? Take a look at this month’s content that is specifically geared towards those who are walking, running, or the combination of the two. You will learn about the quick and easy steps to start your very own run/walk program as well as helpful ways to increase and/or maintain the body’s strong and healthy stature.

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