Wellness Programming

Thirty years of experience has taught us that conventional wellness programming isn’t enough. To create a truly thriving organization, you need a comprehensive approach that fosters a humanistic culture where employees can shine. Welcome to ViDL™!

As the name suggests, fusing organizational development with a new paradigm of employee wellbeing is ‘vital’ for thriving, healthy cultures.

Based on updated thinking about human nature and behavior change, ViDL offers a comprehensive array of programs and services designed for both the individual and the organization. Moving far beyond traditional wellness programming, this fusion approach addresses all major aspects of employee wellbeing – physical, emotional, social, career and financial – while also attending to important elements of cultural transformation.

Individual Wellbeing

ViDL offers evidence-based initiatives that address wellbeing holisitically and elicit participants’ own best thinking, including:

  • Onsite wellbeing professionals
  • Healthcare consumerism
  • Health education
  • Health screenings
  • Intrinsic coaching
  • Mindfulness-based programs
  • Multi-week lifestyle improvement programs
  • Emotional intelligence tools
  • Wellbeing challenges


Organizational Wellbeing

Consulting and Strategic Planning

We help you create a powerful strategy for addressing culture, leadership, employee engagement and employee wellbeing.


Data Collection and Evaluation

We recognize employee wellbeing and culture are inextricably connected. Our approach to data analysis includes both.

  • Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™
  • Review and interpret medical claims and existing data
  • Participation, completion and satisfaction reports


Cultural Transformation Services

Workshops and training for your leaders to support integrated wellbeing and cultural transformation, including:

  • Culture visioning workshops
  • Leadership development
  • Emotional intelligence training


“Thank you for the remarkable impact that you’ve made on our team. Your culture workshop was exactly what we needed to significantly enhance employee engagement and our business success. The manner in which you delivered the program was engaging, enlightening and very valuable. In addition, the strategy sessions, employee survey and practical tools you have armed us with are already making a noticeable impact in our culture. I am confident that this will be one of the most worthwhile investments we have made.”

President, Building Materials Company


“Offering your services to our office was a great decision both personally and professionally. The techniques we learned are not only helpful for work but can also be life changing if you take them home with you. I would highly recommend it.”

CEO, Concrete Manufacturing Company

Bring out the best in your workforce

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