Share the Love Not the Sugar This Valentine’s Day

Jan 23rd, 20178:46 pmElaine Smalling

Share the Love Not the Sugar This Valentine’s Day

by Nicole D’Uva, Senior Account Manager

Do you remember receiving candy hearts as a child? The sweet treat that contained an even sweeter message like, “Be Mine.” If you or a loved one receives an edible Valentine this year, pause and think about these eye-opening facts before taking the first bite.

A recent study revealed the average American consumes 19 teaspoons of sugar every day, the equivalent of 360 extra calories! By removing excess sugar from their diet, the average American could lose approximately 37.5 pounds in one year. In addition to increasing energy and bettering overall health, this simple strategy to reduce sugar could create a positive shift in our country’s obesity epidemic.

You’re sweet enough without the excess sugar. Join us during the month of February as we guide participants through a 28-day sugar free challenge, and educate readers about the dangers of processed foods and extra sugars.

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