At Corporate Fitness Works, we share a passion for inspiring active living that goes beyond our managed facilities. Our desire to help and motivate individuals is so strong; it doesn’t stop at the end of our workday! It spills out into our home life and throughout our communities.

With the intent to Lead the Health Revolution that Moves Everybody, Corporate Fitness Works is committed to generating a positive influence of health and physical activity across communities where we live, work, and play.  In June of 2013, we established Move to Impact as our corporate volunteer and outreach program to support this cause. Through this program, we extend resources and promote opportunities to encourage team involvement in philanthropic endeavors that specifically target population health and physical activity.

Our Team Leaders and company Executives serve as volunteer coaches, mentors, and advocates of worthy causes that involves special events to raise funds and awareness. We see this as an invaluable cause and celebrate it through our social media channels as well as our internal and external communication outlets.

Since its inception up through July of 2015, we have tracked 2,000 hours in community volunteerism and $21,000 in funds raised for charitable cause. Corporate Fitness Works has also aligned regional and national initiatives with charitable organizations, including Wounded Warriors Project and Toys for Tots, with plans to expand on these affiliations for an even greater community impact.

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