Our Impact

We lead a health revolution that moves everybody!

At the end of the day, our success comes down to the lives we change by improving the health of those we serve. We design and operate fitness and wellness centers with the notion that they are more than just physical spaces for individuals to exercise. They become part of an overall supportive environment giving people the opportunity and encouragement they need to champion their own health and wellbeing. Our management approach blends innovative wellness programs and engaging teams that inspire good health and fitness inside and out of our managed centers, reaching individuals of all different interests and readiness to improve their health behavior.

We design wellness and fitness solutions that inspire all to champion their own well-being.

  • A Healthier Workforce Performs Better. Among frequent participants in a worksite fitness facility, recruitment and turnover rates decreased nearly 16%, absenteeism dropped 1.3 days, and there was a 7% gain in volume of work.
  • Reduce Absenteeism. Recent studies have shown that employees with high body mass indices use twice as many sick days.
  • Lower Health Care Costs. According to the Harvard Business Review and a study completed by Dr. Richard Milani and Carl Lavie, corporations with fitness centers can experience medical cost savings of $500 to $1,500 per employee per year.
  • Make a Large-Scale, Long-Term Impact. A healthy lifestyle isn’t a short-term change. We deliver long-term solutions that help create a healthy community.
  • Strengthen your Commitment to Health. A professionally managed and well-equipped wellness and fitness program makes a lasting commitment. We know you care about the details, and so do we.

We continuously measure quality and program effectiveness through ongoing evaluation of our facility operations, programs, and team, capturing and reporting data specific to client objectives.

  • We put client needs first with consecutive years earning 100% overall client satisfaction and an average of 98% in member satisfaction across all managed programs.
  • We drive population behavior change in wellness and fitness, with evidence that over half of new members shift from inactive to active status when they join our centers.
  • We build lasting relationships that foster long-term commitment to our participants’ health as our managed facilities exceed national benchmarks in annual retention rates.
  • We create consistency in exercise habits, with a majority of enrolled participants utilizing our managed facilities on a monthly basis.


Corporate Fitness Works