Healthy Choices at Work

Apr 26th, 20176:21 pmElaine Smalling

Healthy Choices at Work
By Jennifer Lehman, Program Manager

Does your work week consist of a long, seated commute to work, an 8 – 10+ hour work day sitting at a desk, and a long, seated commute home?  If so, you may have trouble convincing yourself to work out after you get home. And preparing a healthy meal just takes too much time.  According to the Mayo Clinic, as little as four hours of daily sitting can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease by 125%!  Additionally, poor eating habits, combined with inactivity, often leads to obesity.

Activity level and caloric intake must be in balance for optimum health.  However, workweek habits often lead to an imbalance, causing overall poor health.  Fortunately, simple strategies can increase activity throughout the work day and can help to create healthy eating both at work and at home.

This month our content writers have focused on ways to help you to be more active while at work and strategies for creating a more healthful diet.  Check out the links below for information to help you to create a plan.

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