Facility Design & Equipment Case Study

Challenge: Provide facility design, equipment, and program management solutions to drive fitness participation among an active aging community while integrating technology that is user friendly and captures results on population health.

Solution: For this thriving continuing care retirement community, we designed a cutting-edge fitness facility layout and procured state-of-the-art exercise equipment featuring smart key-fob interface for user data transfer. To this innovative design, we implemented personalized management services and programming delivered by our customer focused team to engage residents in utilizing the facility and equipment technology. To produce evidence based results that support program success, Corporate Fitness Works hosted a voluntary case study observing resident health and fitness improvements found in conjunction with their participation in programs and services. The six-month study followed participation habits of a controlled group of residents; 43% male and 57% female, with an average age of 77. Pre and post functional fitness assessments were conducted by the fitness team to measure changes in health and fitness indicators that were then analyzed against participation habits. The measured outcomes were significant as 95% of participants either maintained or increased their fitness level by participating in fitness center services provided by the Corporate Fitness Works team. Additionally, 100% maintained resting heart rate and blood pressure at healthy/desirable levels according to ACSM guidelines, while 72% decreased or maintained BMI, and 76% increased lower body strength in chair sit to stand assessment.

Corporate Fitness Works