Active Solutions for Vacation

Jun 26th, 20178:00 amElaine Smalling

Active Solutions for Vacation
By Jennifer Lehman, Program Manager

It’s finally vacation time and you can’t wait to get away!  But what kind of vacation will provide you with the active lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to over the past several months of exercising and eating healthy?

Healthy vacation packages are available to suit the needs of those who simply want to maintain their daily activity level as well as for those who want to venture outside of their comfort zone.  From camping, to resort vacationing, to extreme races, you can continue to work on your health and fitness in new and exciting ways.

Even if your goal isn’t to “exercise” while you’re vacationing, it’s a good idea to maintain some sort of activity and to choose healthy foods so that you can ease back into your regular daily lifestyle with little discomfort.  According to Scott Weiss, CSCS, a New York-based exercise physiologist and trainer who works with elite athletes, in a two-week period several physiological changes can occur if you take time off from exercise.  While spending a week or more lying on a couch (or by the pool), your muscle mass will decrease and your body fat will increase, especially if you’re maintaining the same caloric intake or increasing calories.  Your previous gains in aerobic endurance will begin to decline as well, making your return to exercise that much harder.

This month’s contributors have focused on ways your vacation can renew and refresh you, while maintaining, or even improving your health and fitness level.

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