The Spectrum of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is more widespread than you might think. It occurs from an imbalanced diet due to under- or overnutrition. This month our content writers bring awareness to the full spectrum of [...]

How to Navigate from the Couch to a 5K

Completing a 5k, the equivalent of running 3.1 miles continuously, may sound daunting. With a smart and gradual training approach, you can find your stride and feel strong in no time. Check out [...]

The Path to Corporate Fitness Works with Beth and Michael Vivio (St. Pete Catalyst – SPX Podcast)

Our new owners, Beth and Michael Vivio, sit down with St Pete X co-host, Joe Hamilton to speak authentically about their decision to acquire Corporate Fitness Works and how their past experiences [...]

St. Pete couple a good ‘fit’ for business

From the Tampa Bay 100 - Our owners, Beth and Michael Vivio, share their passion for improving lives of others and the journey that led them to acquire Corporate Fitness Works in 2018.

Ask the Expert: Rebecca Johnson on Corporate Wellness

From Club Solutions - Our Director of Wellness Services, Rebecca Johnson, provides expert insight on running successful corporate wellness programs.